Create and configure Azure Web Apps

Create Web Apps using the Portal

You can create your new Azure Website in several ways. You can use either of the Azure portals to complete the task by using a graphical wizard. If you use the Preview portal, you must configure the options to create your website manually.

If you are using the portal, you can select among three options to create your website:

  1. Quick Create. This option enables you to configure the website options manually during creation.
Quick Create Azure Web Apps
  1. Custom Create. If you plan to migrate an existing site, this option enables you to create or associate a SQL database or MySQL database. Custom Create also provides you with the ability to specify multiple source control options for your website deployment, such as GitHub or Microsoft Team Foundation Server.
Custom Create Azure Web Apps
  1. From Gallery. This option enables you to create a new website with one of several frameworks, such as WordPress . This is helpful, because you can quickly create your new website, which you then can customize within the selected framework.
Create from Gallery Azure Web Apps

Create Web App and Sql Database

After signing in to the Azure portal, click the NEW button in the top-left corner of the page. In the Create blade, select the Web + Mobile option. In the Web + Mobile blade, you will see options for creating various resources in Azure App Service, such as Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Logic Apps, and API Apps.

If your goal is to create just an Azure web app, then you could select the option for Web Apps where you would have the opportunity to specify an Azure Resource Group and App Service Plan for the web app.

At the bottom of the Web + Mobile blade, click Azure Marketplace. In the Azure Marketplace, additional options are available for creating common Azure Web App environments, such as a web app with a SQL database or a web app with a MySQL database.

Create Azure Web Apps + SQL Database

There are many options for Web Apps you can choose from in the Azure Marketplace that provide solutions for popular configurations such as blogging sites, frameworks, ASP.NET Starter apps, and more. The full selection of solutions can be found in the Web Applications section of the Marketplace.

To create a web app using one of the solutions, click the solution. You will be redirected back to the Azure portal where you can configure the solution settings for your needs. Select the Web App + SQL option, which will open a blade describing the resources that this solution will create and also provides links to relevant resources. Next, click the Create button at the bottom of the blade to begin configuring the web app and SQL database.

Create Azure Web Apps + SQL Database

In the Web App + SQL blade, the first thing you must do is specify the Azure Resource Group name to create a new resource group. After entering a resource group name, select the Web App (Configure Required Settings) option to open the Web App blade.