Deploying Azure Web Apps

Deploying web apps

Once you have created your Azure Website, you then can create and publish the content that you want to make available in the new website. You have several options for creating and publishing content to an Azure Website. After you have created and published the website content, you must deploy the website to make it available to your users.

Options for creating and publishing web apps

Using the Azure portal to create a website is the start of the process for making the website available and useful for its users. You also must create and publish website content to your Azure website.

There are several ways that you can create and publish website content. These include the following:

1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

You can use Visual Studio 2015 to write and deploy a variety of different types of apps, including those for Windows Phone and Windows Store, desktop apps, web apps, and web services.

Create & Publish from Visual Studio 2013

You can write the code using a number of programming languages, including:

  • Visual Basic
  • Visual C#
  • Visual C++
  • Visual F#
  • JavaScript

2. Microsoft WebMatrix.

This tool is available for download from within the Azure portal. It enables you to create, publish, and maintain your Azure websites. It supports a range of programming languages and provides a simple interface for website deployment.

Create & Publish from Webmatrix 3

To create a website using WebMatrix, start WebMatrix, and then sign into Azure with your subscription account. You can then click the option New, and use a range of templates to create and deploy your website.

A variety of templates is provided, including:

  • Empty site
  • Starter site
  • Bakery
  • Photo gallery
  • Personal site

3. Azure website.

The Azure website gallery. You can use the Gallery to create and publish your website content when you create your Azure website. To do this, when you initially create your website in the Azure portal, click the FROM GALLERY option. You then can select from a range of templates that best suit the purpose of your website.

You can select from templates are provided in a number of categories, including:

  • App frameworks, such as Bottle, CakePHP, and Django.
  • Blogs, including Ghost, WordPress, and Orchard CMS.
  • Forums, such as phpBB and MonoX.
  • Galleries, including Gallery Server Pro.
  • Tools, like BugNET, OpenX, and Open Web Analytics.
Create Web Apps from Gallery

You can also select from many other website templates, including templates that are focused on particular businesses.