Traffic Manager in Windows Azure

Traffic Manager as webites suporter

If you are running a large global website, you may want to scale the website out to multiple data centers. This helps to provide a rapid response to user requests from a web server close to their physical location. Alternatively, you may want to increase availability for your website by providing failover websites that take over in case the primary website has a problem. You can set up these scenarios by using Traffic Manager.

Traffic Manager - Website Suporter

Overview of Traffic Manage

When you create a website in Azure, you must choose an Azure data center where the site will be physically located. If you have chosen a basic or standard tier website, you can create multiple instances of your website to increase capacity and resilience to failure. These instances will be in the same Azure data center and have requests automatically distributed by the Azure load balancer.

However, you may also wish to distribute load across websites located in different Azure data centers . You can do this distribution by using Traffic Manager.

Distribute Websites - Traffic Manager

How Traffic Manager Works

A client resolves a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) to an IP address, through Traffic Manager, in the following way:

  1. The user requests a FQDN, for example by typing it into a browser address bar or by clicking on a link.
  2. In the Domain Name System (DNS), the requested FQDN is forwarded to a traffic manager URL, by using a CNAME record. Administrators must configure such a record in DNS in order to use Traffic Manager with their own domains. The traffic manager URL must be within the trafficmanager .net domain .
  3. Traffic Manager has been monitoring the endpoints configured for the requested traffic manager URL. It returns the IP address of one endpoint. The endpoint chosen depends on the configured load balancing method.
  4. The client receives the IP address and makes a connection to the website endpoint.
Manage Custom Domain

Traffic Manager can be used to distribute load across Azure Websites, PaaS Cloud Services, IaaS Cloud Service, or external endpoints . Therefore, do not consider Traffic Manager to be useful only for web services In fact it is a general Azure service that you can use to increase performanc e and availability for many endpoints within and outside of Azure.