Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipeline to IIS Windows Server.

Azure DevOps Web Application CI/CD Pipeline to IIS Windows Server


Modernizing the development and deployment practices of a web application by using Azure DevOps.


  • Web application project in .net core needs to automate the development and production process in Azure DevOps environment.
  • Reduce web application cost and scaling the hosting environment based on future requests.

Core Team

Llazar Gjermeni – Azure Solutions Developer

Bledar Mahmuti – Azure Solutions Architect


Automating the development process by using the CI Pipeline in Azure DevOps and release the final project by using CD Pipeline to an Azure Windows Server Virtual Machine.

1 Developers

Developers use Visual Studio to write code e build the web application.

2 Visual Studio

Developers use Visual Studio to commit changes and push the code to Azure Repos.

3 Azure Repos

Use Azure Repos as your project repository to push and commit project code and changes.

4 Build (CI) Pipeline

Specified the code location, the .Net Core Template build template and activate Continuous integration.

5 Release (CD) Pipeline

Followed the steps to create the CD pipeline and choose IIS website and SQL Database deployment.

6 Windows Server Virtual Machine

Deploy the web application to IIS Server Virtual Machine in Azure and install Azure Monitor and Log Analytics VM extensions.

7 Monitoring

Use Azure Monitor and Log Analytics to monitor your web application performance.


3 Days
Solution ID

Tech Stack

Microsoft Azure
.Net Core 3+
SQL Database
Azure DevOps
Windows Server 2019
Git Source Control Logo

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