Azure Traffic Manager to Web Apps Services and SQL Database

Azure Traffic Manager to Web Apps Services and SQL Database


Distribute traffic optimally to web services across global Azure regions.


  • ASP.Net Core application implement crud operations to a SQL Database. 
  • The application needs to serve the clients to the closest region for better performance.

Core Team

Llazar Gjermeni – Azure Solutions Developer

Bledar Mahmuti – Azure Solutions Architect


  • Azure Traffic manager will allow us to serve the application from two regions and it will pick the region closest to the client for better performance. 
  • If one region fails, then traffic manager will route only to the region that is healthy providing failover. 
  • The crud operations to the SQL Database are handled by a SQL Failover group.  If a SQL Database in one region is not available due to a disaster in a certain region, the requests will go to the failover database.
  • We obtain 99.98% SLA by adding Traffic Manager in front of our web solution.
1 Customers

Request access to the web application services through Internet.

2 Traffic Manager

Traffic manager will route costumers to the closest region.

3 Web App

The web application respond to the customers requests closest to its region.

4 SQL Database

All web applications use the same SQL Database regardless of the region where they are located.

5 Database Replication

The SQL Database perform replication to another region offering (read only) availability if the primary fails.

6 Availability

The solution provides 99.98% SLA (service level agreement) which is higher then 99.94% of a single region.


3 Days
Solution ID

Tech Stack

Microsoft Azure
.Net Core 3+
Azure SQL Database
Web App Services
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